Avoiding plagiarism

Of all the workshops I deliver at CSULB, the one on avoiding plagiarism seems to be the LEAST popular in terms of attendance (I’m not kidding: if 5 people show up, I feel like the gods have smiled upon me). But I’m not entirely sure why that is. One possibility is that students expect a workshop on plagiarism to be mostly moralistic preaching (it isn’t). Another possibility is that students feel that they don’t need any help avoiding plagiarism (but many still do, if the testimony of both students and professors is any guide). A third possibility is that it just doesn’t sound like a “sexy” topic (can’t really argue there).

Regardless of the reason for student aversion, it’s an important topic, and one that never goes away. So, I place these materials at the mercy of your judgment, hoping that they will be welcomed more warmly online than they have been in person.

First, here are my PowerPoint slides (like the slides for all my workshops, I’ve tried to make these mostly self-explanatory)

In addition, here are the accompanying handouts I usually pass out at the live version of the workshop:

(1) Pre-Workshop activity: Test your prior knowledge about plagiarism:

(2) In-Workshop activity: Practice avoiding plagiarism

(3) Post-Workshop activity: Test your understanding

Finally, lest you still think I’m a conservative “school marm” on the topic of plagiarism, I will defy your expectations by encouraging you to check out this radical philosophical take on the topic of plagiarism:

Elucidations Podcast: Episode 117 – Plagiarize this podcast (with Brian L. Frye, University of Kentucky College of Law)

Elucidations is one of the best philosophy podcasts available, so if you’re into such things, I highly recommend it.

Video: “Avoiding Plagiarism: Tips for International Students and their Instructors” (60 min)

In April 2022, I collaborated with the wonderful Hema Ramachandran to produce a workshop on plagiarism for CSULB’s Phi Beta Delta honor society, which was chaired by our gracious workshop host, Dr. Lesley Farmer. The video of the workshop is available below. While the workshop was geared toward international students, most of the advice is relevant to all students.

Note: The browser plays a 1-hour preview. For videos longer than 1 hour, download the file and watch it from your computer (Steps: 1. Click on the video to open the Dropbox video page. 2. Use the “download” button, usually located on the top left of the page).

Below, you can view or download the slides I used for my part of the presentation:

Other Helpful Videos

GeneseeLibrary: Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting: A Guide to Doing it Right!

David Taylor: APA Format: In-Text Citations, Quotations, Paraphrases to Avoid Plagiarism

And for a little fun: SNL: Plagiarism.

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